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Seminars, lectures, workshops and courses on service design, data cultures and the in-betweens.

Course: A/B & Beyond — Behavioural Experiments for Measurable Design

This 4 weeks course offers designers an overview of A/B testing platforms. We will also learn how to find statistical relevance to an AB experiment and calculate the business potential of a winning design version. Designers will also learn theoretical tools to extract deeper insights from experimentation, and how to estimate implementation costs and ROI. 

Idean Finland

Helsinki, 2019.


Course: Behavioural Economics Experiments for Service Designers

This course offers students a solid base for experimenting with their current client's customer journey. Furthermore, it offers tools to implement and measure their experiment hypotheses.

Master's Degree Programme in Service Innovation and Design

Idean / Laurea University of Applied Sciences

Helsinki, 2019.


Workshop: Mastering hypotheses, KPIs and Experiments

In an action-packed day of analytics seminars, teams of executives and professionals work practice how to define, measure and solve design problems, as well as experimenting on potential solutions.

Matomo for Executives Seminar

Digitalist Group / A-House Stockholm, 2019.


Workshop: Service Design Performance Indicators for Helsinki University Student Services

The team behind the design and development of Helsinki University student services gather to understand how to define, measure and design solutions for current digital experience problems.

Design & Development Teams

Digitalist Group / Helsinki University

Helsinki, 2019.



Lecture: Media, Paramedia & Performance Indicators

Master Degree on Contemporary Culture

University of Jyväskylä, 2019.


Workshop: Mastering your Growth-Driven KPIs

Executives and specialists learn how to define measurable problems and solutions for their design challenges.

Digitalist Innovation Summit, December Edition

Digitalist Helsinki, 2018. 



Course: Media practices

Interactions Master of Arts program
University of Jyväskylä, 2012.



Lecture: Power & Paratexts

Master Degree on Interactions

Aalto University, 2011.



Lecture: Power & Paratexts

Digital Culture Summer School

Nordic Digital Culture Network, 2011.


Course: Media politics, Media poetics

Master of Arts program in Digital Culture
University of Jyväskylä, 2011.




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