The Experience Hackbox

Digitalist Group, 2019.

Paramedia: algorithms and politics

Article. Inteligência Empresarial.
CRIE / COPPE / UFRJ, 2018.

Paramedia: thresholds of the social text

Book. Doctoral research (full text)
University of Jyväskylä Press, 2017.

Why do We Write as We Write?

Book. Editor.
Brill: Leiden, Netherlands, 2019.

Segmentation: Developing a data-driven “Consumer Science”

KliKKi’s Blog – A part of Nordic Morning.
Helsinki/Stockholm, 2017.

The Datafied Consumer

Nordic Morning Breakfast with Emarsys.
Helsinki, 2017.


Operação Delegado Tobias

Literary theory, article.
Peixe-Elétrico: São Paulo, 2016

Mind the Map: On Customer Journey Mapping

Nordic Morning Group: Helsinki, 2016.

Steps in the consumer path

Professional article. In Finnish.
KauppaLehti Magazine: Helsinki, 2016.

Consumers and Emotional Journeys
Professional presentation.
Marketing Week Helsinki: Helsinki, 2016.


Media, A Love Story

Non-fiction, portfolio & theoretical essays.
The Institute: Helsinki, 2014.

Em busca da Brasiliana

Article, aesthetics, media theory.
Enfermaria6: Lisboa, 2015.

The World According to Brazilians

Documentary series. Episode: Finland.
Bandeirantes / Netflix: São Paulo, 2015.

Editing Routines on Instagram

Article. Soulart Collective. São Paulo: 2014.

Ostentatious: The Reinvention of the Peripheral

Soulart Collective, 2014. In Portuguese.

Paratextual Prometheus: Transmedia, author, paratexts

Transmedia Literacy Conference
Program in Digital Culture (IN3 — Universitat Oberta de Catalunya): Barcelona, 2013.

What Yoko Ono had for Breakfast: Authorship in Twitter

Conference proceedings. Media In Transition 8: Massachusetts Institute of Technology:
Cambridge, MA, 2013.


The artist as frame

Article, media theory and mediation.
Art Book by Bruno Moreschi: São Paulo, 2013.

Poor, but Sexy: Digital Data in Newspapers tell on gentrification in Berlin

Art residency. 

Video installation. / Berlin, 2013.

Writing in Social Media: Ethos and Authorship

In Why do We Write as We Write?.
Brill: Leiden, The Netherlands, 2013. 


The Curious Case of Gina

Professional article.
Silent Signal Trend Report
Vapa Media: Helsinki, 2012.

Authorship, Ethos and Social Media

2nd Inter-Disciplinary Global Conference in Writing
Salzburg, Austria, 2012.


Actors, Computers, Interactors

Master of Arts thesis.
University of Jyväskylä Press, 2010.

Towards a theory of mediation

FAM Symposium / Festival of Art and Media: Brasilia, 2010.


The gaze of Magibon: an evaluation of multi-million YouTube channel

2nd Digital Culture Conference of Salford University
Salford University.
Salford, UK, 2009.


Communities of Knowledge on the internet: the case of IRC

with Prof. Cristina Haguenauer and Prof. Francisco Cordeiro Filho.
14th ABED International Congress of Distance Learning
ABED, Brazilian Association of Distance Learning: Santos, 2008.




Short fiction.
Sérgio Tavares, Márwio Câmara (org.) Antologia Postais.

Como Invocar o Diabo e Conjurar Espíritos Baixos

Short narratives.
Kafka Edições, Curitiba, 2020.


Editora Patuá, São Paulo, 2015.

The Singularity She Lives In

Short fiction film, monologue.
Siru Kovala (performance), Juha Mehtäläinen (cinematography).
Exhibited at Arkadia Book Shop: Helsinki, 2013.

Tagnovels: Chrysalis 
Tagnovels: Categories

Interactive literature / hypertext narrative
Print issue released in Infinity’s Kitchen, Brooklyn, NY, 2013.

Facebook Like, a currency

Engraved coin & text note.
Web, 2012.Contribution @San Francisco MoMa blog



Text in polyethylene sticker over wall.
Web, 2010.
Contribution @SanFrancisco MoMa blog.


Short story.

Portal Stalker. Short stories collection, Nelson de Oliveira, ed.
São Paulo, 2009.

Marketing (heart) Us

Poster design.
Belgrade, 2009.


Grotesk Mord

Video and collaborative digital text, extracted from blogs.
VideoKILLS. Berlin, 2008.
New York International Independent Film Festival: New York, 2008.

Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Destiny

Interactive fiction. Flash installation.
Web, 2009.

Google/Art Poetry Soul

Digital installation. Keski Suomen Museum of Contemporary Art
Jyväskylä, Finland, 2008.