Paramedia is a new approach to content analysis, built for researchers, academics and professionals of the age of internet.


While most theories for digital content come from interface or cultural studies, Paramedia stems primarily from a literary approach, in combination with UI, UX, authorship and audience studies.

Paramedia: Decision-Making in Digital Content

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  • In the digital age, paratexts are media-rich, ever-changing and multifunctional -- and master them is an essential skill to everyone working, researching or debating the field of digital content.


    What other users produce covers up to 70% of YouTube and Amazon pages. This study has observed that content or product information covers only 20% of screen real estate. The 10% remaining goes for network information. User-generated content is by far the biggest source of information on what to consume.


    Paramedia is the first complete adaptation of Gerard Genette’s theory of the paratext to digital paratexts. 

    Paratexts are information that surrounds the "texts" we read, such as the cover of a magazine, the synopsis of a film, or the review of a book. They help us to decide what to read, watch and listen to.

  • Please download this item from the publisher, the University of Jyväskylä Press. It is available and free.



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