Why designers won't use Analytics?

So, you make use of customer interviews, surveys, polls, heatmaps and other 'deep dive' studies — but won't look at customer databases, CRM data nor analytics. Isn't that a contradiction?

They are all data from customers. Some come from stimulated behaviour, some from stimulated questions. Some, even better, come from plain contemplation and observation. The source is the same: customers.

YET, you refuse to make use of Analytics as a data source. That is, irrevocably, a contradiction, in strict logical terms.

My hunch is that this happens because the other modes of data output are more intuitive to use. They don't require much specialised training. You can see clearly a heatmap, or comprehend the survey responses. But Analytics requires a bit of training. It's common sense to state, thus, that the fact the designer does not know how to handle this data doesn't make it irrelevant.