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Cornellà & the state of affairs

A semiotic translation, read by a comfortably patriarchal scholar’s voice:

‘...and as the story is gracefully concluded — shocking; a real indigestion —, the fetus is literally brought in the would to sustain the narcissistic disorder of the mother. The smiles is the connector between all subjects and it is the very picture of the absence of despair, which, in turn, is despair itself — had it been acknowledged as existent. The woman is kindly invited to the play, as the players show no concern of her condition; the only concern to them is the game in which they are already involved (could the interaction with a vulnerable woman he also a gameplay for them?). Not a centimeter is moved towards her; she is merely invited to play along, which she does, gratefully, and reorganizes her world and open wounds to fit the interests of the male players.

The ubiquitous smiles establish an order; The Order, in which all is subscribed, and good, no matter the brutality of the circumstances, as the shooting of the pregnant woman, faced as a menial nuisance, and easily waned away by the celebration of the serendipitous scoring at the basketball game. So Cornellà’s strip scares us to death with these beings that are autonomous, driven by their own free will, but entirely amoral and living, also entirely, for themselves, at the expense of, say, the fetus and at times, at the expense of oneself (the woman). The open wound in Cornellà is how the meek (for lack of a better term) is stripped of their own sense of self voluntarily, in order to fulfill a submissive following of the socially adapted and strong’.

I could go on... Cornellà summarizes the state of our current affairs so brilliantly. #joancornellà #semiotics #textinterpretation #internetculture #contemporaryculture