A speculative exploration of (dis)belief

This metaphorical essay discusses the epidemic of misinformation, disbelief and hate going around the web. Where did it start? What let it happen? How can we call this?

This essay identifies the phenomena as the Gook.

The Gook is slimy. It is pervasive, and the more we fight it, the more it foams. 

In this essay, techno-sociologists, designers and thinkers put together an idea arsenal for us to fight the Gook.

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Insights for a more inspired post-Covid reality

'The Gook' is a collaborative project mapping out a genealogy of the current erosion in our systems of belief. From the crash of 2008 to Big Tech's lack of transparent "terms and conditions"; from the pervasiveness of social media and lack of privacy to the rise of fake news as central political agent in service of populism. 


Book structure

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Dystopias, solutions and escape routes 

Designers working with big technology companies are invited to highly provocative thought experiments on speculative design.


Strategists and thinkers are providing a foresight of possible, plausible, and preferable futures when it comes to the way we interact with the new, upcoming simulations that compose our world and our beliefs.


Reclaiming complex conversation

Politically interested parts capitalize on the complexity of certain topics to dismiss them completely — the umbrella term "identity politics", in which important topics may be dismissed at the expense of relevant agendas, such as equality of gender, race and culture.


Similarly, postmodernism has become a strawman that is deemed as "anti-science", or prone to "absolute relativism"; assertions never actually took place. But who is checking the sources?


Diverse techno-sociological perspectives 

Academic contributions from techno-sociologists affiliated to accredited Universities around the world and working with tech giants from the Silicon Valley and beyond.


Theory meets practice for reflective, easy-to-cite and to-the-point contributions from these talents' current research projects.

Layouts are mock-ups of the final project.


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A speculative exploration of (dis)belief

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The book will be available on Spring 2022.

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