Service Design & Social Impact

A practical course with doctoral students in the Social Sciences at the University of Helsinki, finding ways to apply their research in practical means, and challenging the solutionism model of design and innovation.

University of Helsinki, October 2021.

Older Workers and the Digitalization of Work in the Nordic Countries

University of Helsinki in partnership with Linköping University (Sweden), and Norwegian Social Research (NOVA; Norway), 2021-22.

1920s to 2020s — From Design Thinking to Data-Driven Design

In-company design talk — forestry enterprise, top 10 Finnish companies.

Private event. Helsinki, 2020.

Lean Experimentation with Idean

Talking about in-company innovation and lean experimentation in a global, Fortune500 Swedish company.
Private event. Helsinki/Stockholm, 2020.

Workshop: Innovation Value Proposition — to fight Climate Change

Workshop to assess needs, motivations, features and benefits on climate change innovation.

Idean Finland @ Montel Intergalactic. Helsinki, 2019.

Workshop: A brief history of (data-driven) design — Finding your leading indicators

Going through the history of design thinking may shed light on the blind spots of the area, when it comes to using user data and analytics in service of design methods. Following the talk, a workshop to exercise how to find motivations among your audience, tackle them, and measure the success of your outcomes.

Nordea Group, Helsinki,2019.

Course: A/B & Beyond — Behavioural Experiments for Measurable Design

This 4 weeks course offers designers an overview of A/B testing platforms. We will also learn how to find statistical relevance to an AB experiment and calculate the business potential of a winning design version. Designers will also learn theoretical tools to extract deeper insights from experimentation, and how to estimate implementation costs and ROI. 

Idean Finland, Helsinki, 2019.

Course: Behavioural Economics Experiments for Service Designers

This course offers students a solid base for experimenting with their current client's customer journey. Furthermore, it offers tools to implement and measure their experiment hypotheses.

Master's Degree Programme in Service Innovation and Design

Idean @ Laurea University of Applied Sciences

Helsinki, 2019.

Workshop: Mastering hypotheses, KPIs and Experiments

In an action-packed day of analytics seminars, teams of executives and professionals work practice how to define, measure and solve design problems, as well as experimenting on potential solutions.

Matomo for Executives Seminar, Digitalist Group @ A-House. Stockholm, 2019.

Workshop: Service Design Performance Indicators for Helsinki University Student Services

The team behind the design and development of Helsinki University student services gather to understand how to define, measure and design solutions for current digital experience problems. With Design & Development Teams. 

Digitalist Group @ Helsinki University, Helsinki, 2019.

Lecture: Media, Paramedia & Performance Indicators

Master Degree on Contemporary Culture, combining the framework of paramedia, value propositions and the consumer marketing funnel.

University of Jyväskylä, 2019.

Speaker: Data, Design & Humans

Vapa Media, a consultancy in communication, teams and content, has invited me to speak about the use of user data in design operations.

@ Vapa Media. Helsinki, 2019.

Speaker: The Hackbox • Mastering hypotheses, KPIs and Experiments

Matomo for Executives Seminar. In this workshop, we have debated typical cases where problems need to be addressed with design solutions. But how to measure the success beyond the obvious outcomes? Executives of different areas learned how to measure their next projects according to leading, not only lagging indicators.

Digitalist @ A-House Stockholm, 2019.

Speaker: Moms in Business • Growth Hacking for Helsinki's Busiest Moms!

Talk: 12 Hacks to Live By. Ibid.

Moms in Business @ Digitalist Helsinki, 2019.

Co-Host/Speaker: Growth Hacking for Helsinki's Busiest People

Talk: 12 Hacks to Live By

Presenting "design hacks" that not only may bring you quick wins, they may also bring you sustainable, long lasting growth. What you learn from them goes beyond the interface: it is learning how far your experience may reach your customer.  

Digitalist Helsinki, 2019.

Check the video and slides here!

Also, a summary of the event is available here.

Speaker: Truth and Social Media

Networked Sciences International Symposium

Discussing the construction of factual truth in the age of fake news and post-truth, according to my research on paramedia.

CRIE / Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2019.

Host: The Future of Living Seminar

The Future of Living, Digitalist & Asuntokeskus @ Clarion Hotel.

Digitalist Design24 Summit. Helsinki, 2018.

Workshop: Mastering your Growth-Driven KPIs

Executives and specialists learn how to define measurable problems and solutions for their design challenges.

Digitalist Innovation Summit, December Edition

Digitalist Helsinki, 2018.

Speaker: The Datafied Consumer

Discussions on customer journey mapping with qualitative data, quantitatively. Nordic Morning Executive Breakfast with Emarsys.
Helsinki, 2017.

Speaker: Mind the Map, an ebook for mapping customer journeys

How to map the customer journey in a lean, yet data-rich way?

Helsinki Marketing Week

Messukeskus, Markkinoinnin viikko, 2016.

Moderator: Videogames and Play Spaces

Thomas Plattner, I Know What you Played Last Summer
Jeff Rush, Public Telling: Narrative Gap in Replay Video Games
Sam Tobin, Playing at Work: Firewalls, Cubicles and Crafting Tables
Media In Transition 8: Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Cambridge, MA, 2013.

Speaker: What Yoko Ono Had For Breakfast: Authorship in Twitter

Media In Transition 8: Massachusetts Institute of Technology:
Cambridge, MA, 2013.

Speaker: Paratextual Prometheus: Transmedia, author, paratexts

Transmedia Literacy Conference
Program in Digital Culture (IN3 — Universitat Oberta de Catalunya): Barcelona, 2013.

Course: Media practices

Interactions Master of Arts program
University of Jyväskylä, 2012.


Lecture: Power & Paramedia

Master Degree on Interactions

Aalto University, 2011.


Lecture: Power & Paramedia

Digital Culture Summer School

Nordic Digital Culture Network, 2011.

Course: Media politics, Media poetics

Master of Arts program in Digital Culture
University of Jyväskylä, 2011.