Just reached 50K viewed answers in Quora. Why shouldn’t you also?

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I love online communities of knowledge. They were my topic in by bachelor thesis, and I have kept myself active in a number of them since then. Currently, I’m more of a wanderer than a member of specific ones. In Quora, I answer questions about service design, CX, editorial design, data-driven decision-making, semiotics and contemporary (internet) culture. This basically seamless effort has informed users over 50,000 times. That’s, to my opinion, a huge impact that one single person, only moderately active, can make in a topic. I highly recommend everyone to multiply their own knowledge of specific fields — even what they know about life and their own experiences. We often think whatever we need to write has to on the cutting-edge of what we know. We tend to forget that, as professionals, we may already be really advanced in our correspondent fields, and people may benefit from our day-to-day, assimilated knowledge.