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Clients, Consultants & Conversation

A Finland-focused podcast series discussing what business clients really want from the companies they hire

Cara Lundqvist, capability lead in Nordea, and Sérgio Tavares, phD and design consultant at Idean/Capgemini, discuss straight up with the real clients what is the heaven, hell and jest of they really want from consultants, designers and service providers.



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10 Episodes

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Episode 1


When should you even hire a consultant?

When should you rely on your internal team instead of external help? What accounting should you do when hiring extra hands or extra brains? What is the difference, in practice?

We talked to Hanna Blomqvist, from J&J Associates to discuss this topic. 

Episode 2


What is good service?

You have gone through procurement. You have compared the prices. You have set the scope. And still... a feeling of underachievement?


We have talked to directors in Nordea, Yle and Rovio to underestand what help is actually good help, and how to achieve that in both sides of the table. 

Episode 3


Is there an easier way to cultural change? Yes.

If you change your way of working are you changing culture? Anne Huttunen, HR director at Mascot, and Sauli Kettunen, HR manager at BrandCom discuss how they found a much smoother way to change working.  

Episode 4


What do product owners want?

A designer has an idea, a consultant has another, and the product owner doesn't want any of those. How come that happens so often?


We talked to Jerry Mattila, at Paper Street, to understand what a product owner really wants. 

Episode 5


English, Finnish, Swedish?

We have discussed with numerous executives the culture of work they are faced with when it comes to international teams.


When is it best to have a talk in a client's native language? When is it OK to switch languages? A bit of international etiquette goes a long way in this episode. 

Episode 6


What does that even mean?

We hear agile, lean, iterative, data-driven, customer-centric, insight-oriented... the words are endless, and the next big thing is always around the corner.


How do clients interpret, understand, and apply new buzzwords to their work? How should consultants handle these new terms and introduce them to clients? 


We have a few answers. 

Episode 7


Are we tired of co-creation?

In a post-Covid world, what are the limits to co-creation? How can we change the process so that it works also remotely?


We discuss with creatives and clients what they love and what they cannot stand in these settings. 


Clients, Consultants

& Conversation

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