Theory & Non-fiction

Paramedia: Thresholds of the Social Text
Doctoral thesis. University of Jyväskylä Press, 2017.

How do we get to pick what we want to read, watch or listen to? In social media, there is a huge amount of information surrounding the content we consume every day. This fresh take to the concept of paratexts, by Gerard Genette, throws light on how we consume content on social media, and stands as a theory of its own.

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Mind the Map: the Nordic take on the Customer Journey
Non-fiction. Nordic Morning, 2017.

In the context of business design, mapping the customer journey means a shift from task-oriented silo culture to providing a company’s entire activity around the needs of consumers. It is no coincidence that Forrester has boldly stated that leaders will execute multidisciplinary CX strategies to change internal operations and drive a larger wedge between themselves and those just executing CX tactics. This handbook can help anyone to start effectively mapping their customer journeys, taking the design and simplicity of Nordic business culture in its core.

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Media, A Love Story
Portfolio book. The Institute, 2015. Over 2000 images, success cases and theoretical articles about advertising, marketing and media culture.

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Why Do We Write As We Write?
Editor. Non-fiction. Brill, 2014.
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Actors, Computers, Interactors
University of Jyväskylä Press, 2011.

This book debates postmodern cinema, narratives, mediation processes, and the nature of media interaction with humans, and opens up a framework to analyse the agents at play in the mediation and narrative process.
The book also features Who Did It?, an essay proposing a resolution for the mystery in Michael Haneke’s Caché. The article has been downloaded over 5,000 times online, and discusses narratives that operate between real and fictional worlds, an essential aspect of postmodern cinema, a theme also present in other articles included in the book.

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Selected Fiction & Media Projects

Como Invocar o Diabo
Short narratives. Editora Kafka, 2018 (not published yet).

Novel. Editora Bestiário, 2018 (not published yet).

Novel. Editora Patuá, 2015.

Death of a Sim
Diary and Gameplay. Lutav&Co, 2016.

The New Testament According to Elvis Presley
Narrative. Lutav&Co, 2016.

Hypertext fiction., 2009.